Murugappa The Good Quiz Free Gift Vouchers worth Rs 72000

Murugappa The Good Quiz Free Gift Vouchers worth Rs 72000. Hello MagixDeals Reader, Today We are Providing a Freebies Deal. Just Follow the Below Steps and Earn a Rs 72000 Gift Voucher. Murugappa The Good Quiz 2024 Answer and Earn Free Exciting Prizes. Are you ready to test your knowledge of all things good? Unlimited fun & exciting prizes worth Rs 72000 await you! Vouchers are divided into 3 categories 1st. Categories you will Get 92 Gift Vouchers worth in prelims worth Rs 47000, 4 Gift Vouchers worth Rs 17000 in the finals, and special gift vouchers worth Rs 8000 for participating audiences.

How to Earn Free Upto Rs 72000 Voucher by Participating Murugappa The Good Quiz:

Step 1: Follow the Link to Participate Murugappa The Good Quiz

Step 2: You need to Scroll Down. There you get the Registration Page

Step 3: In this Registration Page, You need to Fill in all the Details

Step 4: Submit these Details you will Receive an Email and Whatsapp Message from the Murugappa Contest

Step 5: In this message, you will receive a Thank you Page for participating in the Murugappa Quiz Contest.

Murugappa Quiz Contest Prizes:

Murugappa Contest Prizes ListWorth Rs
92 Gift Vouchers (in this prelims of worth of)Rs 47000
4 Gift Vouchers worth ofRs 17000 (in the finals)
Special Gift Vouchers (for audience participation questions worth)Rs 8000

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